Monday, September 8, 2008

This is so much better than Batman and Robin...

It was a lonely day in the class of Mr. Packman's photography class.  Keith sat in the back of the class and played with his newly acquired digital camera.  laughing every so often as he saw the result of his work.  He chuckled to him self, as the packman droned on and on about how one could use light to create a peace of art.  
Keith had found how to capture Art all by himself. it was difficult though.  since Art was a 300 lb balding man that sat right next to Keith.  Packman soon grew bored with even his own voice and decided to take a break.  He turned on the lights and walked out of the room.  
Keith looked around and started to count all of the people that had fallen asleep in the thirty minutes that the class had been going on.  he saw the teacher as an evil wizard turning all the the students to flesh eating zombies. 
they would soon rise, with a horrible moan of hunger and descend upon him with blood lust in their eyes. 
he brought the camera to his eye and looked through the view finder.  panning back and forth, he saw the person sitting in front of him.  the guy had his head under his back pack, and a bit of drool running from his mouth to the floor.  Keith snapped a picture and smiled.  the flash woke the guy in front of him up.  
Tyler woke from a deep sleep.  the dreams he had slowly came back to him as he moaned in hunger.  His dream of being able to participate in a mission with the justice league, and take down the evil Dr. Doom.  he lifted his head to see that the teacher had left the room and everyone else was dreaming themselves. 
He heard giggling coming from behind and looked back.  another guy looked at his cameras display screen cackled like an odd midget, witch, tommy gun.  the guy stopped laughing  and looked at him. 
"do you want to see what you look like from behind... asleep?" Keith asked.  
Tyler looked at him for a minute, confused but interested. "uh, sure." he said as he scratched his head.  
Keith gave the camera to Tyler and waited for a response.  Tyler saw a picture of the back of his head. and noticed for the first time a bald spot.  
Tyler gave the camera back. "thats great..." he said, not sure of what the proper response was.  
Keith extended his hand to Tyler, "Hey, I'm Keith. "  
Tyler looked at Keith for a moment.  and he thought for a moment. "maybe this is the kinda guy that i could survive a zombie holocaust with..."  He took Keith's hand, " My name is Tyler"


J-Ra said...

Is this how you guys met? Like, for realz?

Amy Trianne said...

A true love story fo sho.