Tuesday, October 7, 2008

See, I blog too.

yea so tyler was getting on to me for not blogging...so I figured I would blog something just to get him off my back.

this blog is about video games. If you don't like them, then stop reading now.  Anyways me and Tyler discuss many different things, comic books, movies, and video games just to name a few.  We have recently been talking about free range games (such as The Elder Scrolls series).  In these games you can go anywhere on the map, attack anyone you see (with a few exceptions), and do hundreds of quests some epic such as saving the world and others not so epic like killing rats in a lady's basement.  Anyways we have been talking about why there are no super hero free range games, Star Wars free range games, or zombie free range games.  This topic of conversation has been going on for a few days now and we have been talking about how cool it would be to have a certain power on the super hero game or how great would it be to walk around a zombie infested city and be able to go anywhere and do anything.  Apparently someone has our house bugged because there is a zombie free range game coming out.  It's pretty exciting.  Not our house being bugged but the game coming out.  There isn't too much info on the game from what I was looking at, but I really hope they do a good job with it.  If they don't...I think Tyler is gonna kill someone...(and hopefully it won't be me cause I posted a blog so I should be safe for a while)

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Amy Trianne said...

I bugged your house.
I know all the mean things you say about me now :( thanks a lot.