Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the sound of the heavens is at your finger tips.

come on, tap.
you sat down and opened up this blog and are now reading it.
you think I'm wrong? oh, your standing... thats just weird.
any way, you are reading this for a reason.  Call it destiny, fate, God, or what have you, but you are reading... this... right now.   instead of the million billion other blogs, you are here. instead of looking at porn you are reading words. thats pretty cool. 
so you are probably wondering about the tap thing. 
"what do you mean Tap, Tyler?" what does this odd word mean? why should you care why i randomly wrote "tap".  
maybe it means nothing, or maybe it means EVERYTHING! 
in this case it is used as a verb.
 TAP... to let the cosmic energies of the universe, created by intellectual being, flow through your body. creating a vibration in an appendage, usually in a motion consisting of an up and down movement.  thus creating a sound on the surface of which the appendage suddenly stops on.
this is a form of recognition, and a form of praise!
The culture we live in has  made it so that it is not "PC", or it is uncool, or it is abnormal to tap.  but to tap is to recognize that God has a rhythm in this world. To tap is to connect to the Lord whom loves us most.  to dance is to praise that one whom created us. so why dont you? how come you are afraid to tap, to dance, to recognize, and to praise? 
so i challenge you, tap. 
yeah, right now, tap. just once. either with the foot that leads you to places you should not have gone, or tap with the hand that has done the things you wish not to have done. lift it up in the air, and bring it down into the invisible force that humans have decided to call gravity. pound it against the earth that the Lord our God as made. Let the world we stand on, be come the biggest drum ever know to exist. we will let the massive vibrations from the core of the planet resound into the heavens. and God will hear your praise.  
If you decide that you don't like tapping in front of others, and you think you are making a fool of your self. then you don't have to do it again. no one will force you to tap. 
but for your on sake, just do it. 
come on, tap.

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Randall said...

If someone breaks their hand because of this, you are going to be in trouble.

And no.

and. I read your blog after i read the millions of others, so dont feel to great about that ;p